Our Wine, Your Memories

Welcome to KARASEK Wines

Our Wine, Your Memories

Welcome to KARASEK Wines

Our Wine, Your Memories

Welcome to KARASEK Wines

Working with a team of talented winemakers across Australia we have created a range of wines that are full of flavour, easy drinking and most importantly, value for money.

Our Land

You’ll find our vineyard in the picturesque wine region of Margaret River. Our vineyard sits about 110 metres above sea level with cooling breezes from the ocean just over 10 km away. This maritime influence provides a consistent climate, which is perfect for growing some of Australia’s best wine and allowing us to produce elegant, complex and balanced wines.

never be embarrassed at not knowing everything about wine
Life is too short to share bad wines

Buying wine can feel like a game of roulette, whether it’s a red in winter or a citrusy white for those hot summer nights, knowing what to buy can be daunting. Here are some tips on buying a bottle that won’t make you feel like a pretender. 

We like to be the green amoung all the red, a little different to others.


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Today’s Moments are Tomorrow’s Memories

We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun!

Share your memories with our wine #karasekwines

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